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Kalimantan occupies an area of around 73% of the Borneo Island, making it as one of the important habitats of bird species in the Sundaland zoogeographical region [1]. There are 669 species of resident and migrant birds in Borneo, of which 52 are endemic [2]. Kalimantan alone has 523 bird species [3]. Unfortunately, the number of birds in Kalimantan continues to decline and is threatened by extinction due to anthropogenic pressures, such as forest degradation and poaching [4]. This condition is exacerbated by the fact that most of high conservation value areas functioning as an important bird habitat are unprotected [5].
Wehea-Kelay is a tropical rainforest landscape in East Kalimantan with a total area of 532,143 ha [6]. It has high conservation values since it is a home to at least 600 individuals of critically endangered bornean orangutans [7] and other wildlife. Most of Wehea-Kelay’s areas are managed by timber companies. Furthermore, the biodiversity management efforts are carried out collaboratively through the Essential Ecosystem Area (EEA) Wehea-Kelay Forum that was legalized by the Governor of the East Kalimantan Province [6]. The forum plays an important role in managing units and multistakeholders for implementing the best natural resources management practices. Further article could be downloaded here.